Marui Wasabi from Azumino



How Wasabi is made

We deliver [delicious] and [safe and secure] products.

In order to deliver high-quality and safe products to our customers, we implement rigorous quality control measures at our manufacturing facilities. Additionally, we strive to enhance the quality of Marui Wasabi products by focusing on maintaining freshness throughout the production process.



Japanese wasabi is distinguished into 'sawa wasabi' (water-grown wasabi) and 'riku wasabi' (field-grown) based on cultivation methods. Shinshu Azumino, nurtured by snowmelt water from the Northern Alps and a cool climate, is one of Japan's leading producers of 'water grown wasabi.' The prevalent cultivation method is the 'flatland style,' where spring water is utilized in leveled fields excavated for wasabi cultivation.
Wasabi is highly delicate. Due to its sensitivity to high temperatures and direct sunlight, a unique method involves cultivating it with the use of 'kanchosa,' a black cloth that creates shade.
In recent years, our company has also focused on the cultivation of 'field-grown'. With our own farm at the foothills of the Northern Alps and collaboration with local farmers, we continuously strive for improvement in our cultivation methods.



The peak time for wasabi harvesting is around June to July. Water grown wasabi has a cultivation period of 15 months, and the harvested part is the rhizome known as "imo". Utilizing spring water leads to minimal temperature fluctuations, ensuring a stable quality of wasabi, a characteristic of wasabi grown in Azumino.
On the other hand, for land-grown wasabi, during its peak, a single plant can weigh several kilograms, primarily harvesting the stems.
Wasabi is a remarkably versatile crop where every part, the rhizome, stems, and leaves, is utilized, leaving nothing to waste. It's a truly appealing aspect of this plant.


Transportation and Cleaning

The harvested wasabi undergoes a cleansing process using groundwater to eliminate impurities. Subsequently, it is processed based on its intended use before undergoing freezing for storage. Our factory depends on groundwater from the Northern Alps, ensuring a consistently clean and stable water temperature during all processing stages throughout the year.


Blending and Packaging

The processed wasabi is blended with auxiliary ingredients and filled into small packets, tubes, commercial-sized packs, and more. Our wasabi product lineup comprises approximately 300 varieties (as of 2023), with around 180 of these products produced at our main factory in Azumino.

In the blending process, we use large-capacity mixers, processing approximately 10 tons of raw materials per day during peak times. Wasabi varies in its condition depending on the season it has been harvested. To maintain consistent quality, our skilled staff, drawing on years of accumulated data and experience, diligently manage the process on a daily basis.

In the filling process, conducted under strict hygiene and temperature control measures, we utilize a range of machines tailored to diverse needs, from handling large packs to small individual packets. To guarantee both freshness and efficiency, we've implemented automated filling and packaging equipment, elevating standards in quality preservation and boosting production efficiency.



After going through each meticulous step, our wasabi products, crafted in Azumino are shipped to various locations nationwide and internationally delivered to your doorstep. These products are widely available not only in supermarkets and restaurants across the country but also in small packets for sashimi and sushi, household tubes, sauces, bento boxes, and more.
In addition to wasabi, our company also ventures into products such as dressings, ginger, yuzu and cheese items. We strive daily to develop new products that can add excitement to your daily cooking.
By remaining attuned to global culinary preferences and maintaining our dedication to delivering not only safe and reliable but also high-quality products, we aspire to bring joy to your daily meals, wherever you are in the world. Your continued support serves as a driving force, motivating us to persist in our efforts for the future.