Marui Wasabi from Azumino



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At the heart of our values is a commitment to contribute positively to society through our work, spreading happiness and inspiration. We aim for 'independence,' where everyone acts according to our principles with pride and confidence.


Our goal is to be a company that people love, starting with Azumino.
We strongly connect our identity with Azumino, just like its clear mountain water.
Together, we want to take our company and our people to new heights of success.


Wasabi from Azumino is one of Japan's finest delicacies, renowned for its sharp spiciness and aroma, making it an essential ingredient in many dishes and recognized for its health benefits.

We are dedicated to exploring new possibilities for wasabi and sharing it with the world, contributing to the revitalization of our region and the creation of jobs.
In cultivation and processing, we collaborate with local wasabi producers, focusing on technological innovation and environmentally conscious practices to contribute to a sustainable society.

We commit to continuing our efforts in Azumino, known for producing the highest volume of wasabi in Japan, to promote wasabi globally and provide products that bring joy to many while making a positive impact on our local community.

  • 1. We are committed to introducing Azumino's renowned wasabi, known as Japan's leading wasabi hub, to the global audience. Through our offerings, we aim to bring happiness to people worldwide.
  • 2. We will continue to develop products and conduct marketing that align with the times, consistently seeking the potential of wasabi, a representative Japanese ingredient.
  • 3. We will collaborate with local wasabi producers to promote regional revitalization, job creation, and technological innovation through wasabi cultivation.

Marui Corporation
President and CEO
Ren Iguchi