Marui Wasabi from Azumino



Marui Brand

Discover the essence of Shinshu Azumino,
the revered home of wasabi.
Unleash the vibrant aroma and pure flavor
of locally sourced wasabi in your home.



The land of Azumino and its water

Azumino has gained a well-deserved reputation as Japan's leading wasabi producer. Nestled at the base of the Northern Alps, this region benefits from abundant water resources, thanks to numerous subterranean springs. These pristine spring waters of Azumino have even earned recognition as one of Japan's '100 Renowned Waters' by the Ministry of the Environment.

In this fertile land, the exquisite wasabi thrives by harnessing the rich nutrients found in the surrounding mountains' spring waters.


Savor the Essence of Fresh Wasabi

Freshly grated wasabi delivers a refreshing sensation that awakens your senses, with a subtle hint of sweetness within its spiciness.
To savor the authentic essence of wasabi, we are dedicated to maintaining its freshness at all times.

Enjoy the refined and mild spiciness of true wasabi, as well as the distinctive sharpness of Horseradish.
Explore and appreciate the unique flavors and textures of each."


An essential condiment that enhances
the flavors of your meal.

From traditional Japanese dishes like sushi and sashimi to Western delights such as steak and pasta, our versatile wasabi is the perfect accompaniment.

Elevate your daily cooking, highlighting the unique charm of wasabi and enriching every dining experience.


An Abundant Lineup

At Marui, we specialize in creating various wasabi products that add a touch of color to your dining table, with a focus on Japanese wasabi. Starting with our beloved powdered wasabi since our establishment, we offer a diverse lineup, including tube wasabi, freshly grated wasabi, dressings, cheeses, and more.

Continuing our commitment, we will strive to develop wasabi products that meet the needs of the times and enhance the flavor of food.


Marui Brand Ambassador

篠原 信一


Hello, I'm Shinichi Shinohara. I was drawn to the rich natural lifestyle of Azumino and decided to relocate here. The water and air in Azumino are fantastic, and the locally grown wasabi stands out as exceptional! In particular, Marui's freshly grated wasabi goes well with everything, wehter it's fish or meat! I highly recommend it without a doubt.
When it comes to wasabi, it's definitely Marui!


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