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Manufacturing Process


Manufacturing process

In order to deliver high-quality products our customers can feel safe and secure with, we take the greatest care in quality control in our factories.
In addition, we raise the quality of our products by pursuing methods to maintain freshness throughout the manufacturing process.

1. Cleansing the raw wasabi when it arrives

he raw wasabi is checked, cleansed and sorted upon arrival.


2. Processed while maintaining freshness

The cleansed wasabi is put through a sterilizing cooling device and cut with a specialized machine.
A metal detector removes any foreign objects, and then the wasabi is packed.

The wasabi is then immediately placed in a quick-freezing room.


3. Blending depending on intended use

The wasabi is blended into a compound depending on its intended use.
Until the wasabi is blended, from storage to measuring, low temperatures are maintained throughout each process.

Once again, using magnets, filters and metal detectors, all foreign objects are removed a second time.

4. Filling and packaging in a low-temperature environment

The wasabi is filled and packaged while maintaining full freshness with thorough low-temperature management.
High-speed sachet filling machines and other cutting-edge machinery is used in the factory.


5. Shipping all over the country

Processed products are stored under strict temperature management.

Computers manage stock and deliveries, meaning we can respond quickly to orders we receive from markets around the country. We take advantage of being geographically close to the highway, and have built a system to carry out speedy deliveries.


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