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Deep-fried Seasonal Vegetables with Grated Wasabi and Tororo (Grated Japanese Mountain Yam) on the Side



Although it’s starting to feel like autumn, it’s still the delicious season of summer vegetables.

Okra, myoga (Japanese ginger), eggplant, pumpkin, and other seasonal vegetables of your choice.

The vegetables, soaked in broth, are tantalizing with the appetizing kick of spicy wasabi.

A recommended dish for summer to autumn: Enjoying seasonal vegetables with deep-fried tempura style.

Deep-fried Tempura with Grated Wasabi, Tororo (Grated Japanese Mountain Yam), and Seasonal Vegetables

Ingredients (Serves 4):

Tororo (Grated Japanese Mountain Yam): 30g
Fresh Wasabi (Aragiri Wasabi): 15g
Cherry Tomatoes: 2
Lotus Root (Renkon): 30g
Snow Peas (Snap Peas): 10g
Myoga (Japanese ginger): 2 stalks
Okra: 2
Eggplant (Nasu): 1
Bell Pepper (Paprika): 20g
Pumpkin (Kabocha): 40g
Sweet Potato (Satsumaimo): 30g
(A)Dashi (Japanese broth): 240ml
(A)Soy Sauce: 30ml
(A)Mirin: 30ml


  1. Slice lotus root, sweet potato, and pumpkin into 5mm slices.
  2. Cut eggplant into quarters lengthwise and bell pepper into 1.5cm-wide strips.2
  3. Remove the ends and string from snow peas.
  4. Salt the okra and remove the tough part of the stem.
  5. Remove the stems from cherry tomatoes.
  6. Partially cook each vegetable in a frying pan or oven.
  7. In a pot, bring the seasoning (A) to a boil and let it cool.
  8. Combine the partially cooked vegetables with the seasoning and rapidly cool.
  9. Let it rest in the refrigerator for half a day.
  10. Mix tororo and grated fresh wasabi together.
  11. Arrange the rested vegetables on a plate, drizzle them with the tororo and fresh wasabi mixture, and your dish is complete!

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