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Marui Wasabi’s commitment


Our commitment to quality

The “instant of flavor” that travels from your mouth through to your nose, is the true delicacy of wasabi.That is what makes freshness so important.

Commitment to the land

Ingredients that have been grown, tested, and carefully selected in Azumino.

This company, with its headquarters and factory located in Japan’s premiere wasabi production region, Azumino, in Nagano Prefecture, takes full advantage of the crystal clear waters and cool air offered by the local land. Wasabi that uses subsoil water is harvested, and undergoes primary processing the same day, and is then placed in a quick-freezing room for storage.

We utilize the subsoil water of the Northern Alps whose water temperature is stable all year long, not only in our factory’s processing techniques, but also as a raw material.


Commitment to facility quality

Our factory headquarters, completed in 1999, incorporate management techniques that are in line with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards

Our employees also maintain the strictest hygienic standards


Commitment to production

At Marui, from the arrival of raw materials until the final product is shipped, every step is managed with precision to ensure unfailing traceability.

Our contracted farmers keep thorough cultivation records. Samples from each lot of raw materials that arrive are thoroughly tested in our research laboratory. All of the examination records from the manufacturing process are also stored.


We have also created a manual for quality and hygiene management, and conduct training workshops. We are constantly working towards raising awareness amongst our employees. We have received ISO9001 certification and are committed to quality management that maintains those standards.

In order to deliver safe and secure products, we will continue striving to further enhance our quality management.

Manufacturing Process

Contribution to food culture

In July 2000, Marui entered into a joint venture with a local subsidiary and established MARUI Wasabi, Inc.

Local production has turned high quality and low cost into a reality, making the products successful and sales are soaring. We began exporting raw wasabi produced in Japan in 2002, and our company’s wasabi is now widely sold throughout the United States

At MARUI Wasabi, Inc. we develop, produce, and sell dressings, sauces, and dips in response to the latest trends. We use the latest food business information gathered from all over the United States, to develop products in Japan and provide information to our customers.


We aim to satisfy as many customers as possible focusing on the restaurant, distribution, and food industries by:

  • providing food planning and development that crosses into proposing menus,
  • providing product and research development that goes beyond the frame of wasabi,

  • and
  • taking advantage of the technical capability, planning and development ability, and research development ability we have cultivated as a manufacturer of processed wasabi, and aggressively taking on challenges in new fields.

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